August 2018, the 08th, we left France for the great North of Canada. 

Living together for more than 6 years, we’re Lucky to share the same passions, hobbies, same job and life philosophy.

Being curious. Always !!! It’s really important in our graphic design jobs, and even more in our daily life.

Welcoming the unknown. The one knocking at your door or the Great One. The one that leads all the segments of our life.

Enjoying every little moment, move forward without regrets. Not beeing afraid to leave our comfort, our balance to touch this unknown and pursue our life path. 

Making the unexpected happen, have this first step that deviates you from your established plan of life.

Beeing happy, at anytime… A smile changes everything !


Ombeline and Abel leave the nices shores of the Annecy Lake to discover wild lands as far as it can be seen. Arrived in Whitehorse with the horizon line as only limit, we have a 2 years working holidays visa to discover the country. We’re going to spend most of our time in the Yukon, a 480.000 km2 playground for a real come back to a simple life. But also in the Northwest Territories ans the Rockies.

Passionnates about mountain sports and working , we  are specialized in visual communication and graphic design. We are photographers and technical specialists. We are mountain people.

About sport ? We bike on enduro 3 or 4 times a week in summer and touring ski 2 or 3 times a week in winter. Big fans of bikepacking, trekking and outdoor nights, we are outdoor people skilled to survive in the cold North.

Betweekn wild landscapes and First Nations influencies, we want to travel eyes and heart open Following the people we meet. Few mandatory points : Dawson City, Arctic Ocean, Alaska, Kluane etc.

We’re going to explore, summer and winter, the inmensity of one of the wildest place on our planete. Walking, biking or skiing, keeping Witehorse as our base camp.